Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Strange day indeed...

really, it is, the kids are out of school, everything closed today, Jim didn't go to work because we're supposed to have 100% chance of freezing rain, but as of now nothing has fallen from the sky, but it's supposed to pretty soon. I can't say I am loving today, it's crazy around here, the kids have been blowing up balloons and drawing on them and then one will pop and scare the hell out of Jim and I. For lunch Jim went to Little Caesars and got a couple of pizzas, so that was good. I have been meaning to talk about TV shows and what I am liking these days, my new fav. is Eleventh Hour on Thurs. night at 9:00, love it!! always John & Kate, How I met your mother, Gary Unmarried, Rules of Engagement (comes back on in Feb) can't wait for it!! and American Idol, those are my favs. Right now I am watching my soaps, I confess I do watch them!