Monday, January 19, 2009

I have some news for all my friends out there that read this blog, our family is moving! Jim has accepted the position of Regional Mgr. for Flooring America and we are moving to Texarkana, Texas, which also happens to be my hometown. I have been gone from there since 1993, that's a long time!! but that is where this new store is opening and after much thought and prayer we decided that is what is best for our family, we are very nervous and excited and would appreciate your prayers at this time. My family is there so that makes it special, the house went back on the market on Sat. and Jim put his resignation in at work this morning and they were very supportive of his decision, so that made it easier on him, he will be leaving in a few weeks to start training and to open the store, he will live with my dad and the kids and I will stay here to sell the house, it will be an adjustment for our family being apart but hopefully the house will sell quickly and we can join Jim in Tex. I will keep you updated on our news and we go along!!! Stacy