Monday, January 5, 2009

Post Holiday update!

I have been trying to finish this post since Monday, what a slump I have been in, but I am getting myself back in gear, went to the gym yesterday and had the best workout, it felt great, cleared my mind, and I feel I am getting my mojo back! Anyway, we had a great Christmas, the kids got new bikes, and waaaaay too many toys, but we had a blast! we went to East Texas to see my family, had a great time with them as ususal, and then on New Year's we didn't do anything big and spectacular, we're kinda fudy duddies! went to a couple of movies, "High School Musical 3" and "Beverly Hills Chic." both were great movies! I got a new bread maker from my m/inlaw and we did some pizza dough in it and had some great pizzas, Hannah moved up to Silver Stars at gym. and she started that on Tues. so we are proud of her and Cameron has been playing alot of xbox 360 games that he got for Christmas and riding his new Tony Hawk bike, he loves it!! school started back on Tues. and they were ready to get back in the groove and so was I, as I have said before, I love routine! the weather is bipolar around here lately, well I guess that's it for now, enjoy the pics!!


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