Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{My Little Rednecks}

Last weekend Cameron was at his best friends house and he called to see if I would come a little early to pick him up so he could take his sister riding and doing a little mudding, she was of course thrilled about this, she loves an adventure! I just had to get some pictures of them looking so darling, they weren't thrilled at first, but endured it!

O come on Hannah, give me a good smile! ha!

And, their off, my sweet kids, I am so thankful for Cameron's sweet nature and wanting to show his sister all around their land, they had a great time!


Faith, Friends & Flip Flops said...

It is always makes your heart smile when your kids are having fun together. That is one of my favorite sounds, the laughter of my kids while they are hanging out together.