Thursday, November 10, 2011

{Twilight Fun}

It all started when Eclipsee came out, I heard all the hip from everyone that had been to the midnight showing of this movie, I vowed to never touch a Twilight book, I was not into vampires, a huge reader, but no vampires for me...a friend offered her books to me to just give them a try, I did, I loved, I was addicted, I read them all in about 3 weeks, I watched each movie after the book, I had to stay in order! so needless to say I have been waiting for this Breaking Dawn movie since shortly after the release of Eclipse, that's a long time.  I have been most excited about going to a midnight movie with lots of fun and excitement at the theatre with my girlfriends.  I thought who better to see this movie with than my friend who got me addicted to all this, we are beyond excited, they are doing a marathon that starts at 4 on Thurs. afternoon with showings of all the previous movies, we aren't doing that, I can't sit in a theatre that long, I am only interested in the new one. What a fun night we will have, with a bunch of silly Twihard women!!!!


~Randee said...

I LOVE the Twilight series!!! THANKS for visiting my Blog Randee's Organized Chaos!!! I am now following yours...both of us being TEXAS girls!!!