Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Thankful Thoughts}

I have seen all over facebook how everyone is doing 30 days of what they are Thankful for, I will do my own Thankful posts here and there, I am Thankful everyday for the things in my life, and I thank God for them everyday, I admit I cannot be held accountable to post it everyday though.  Starting at dinner tonight I plan to have my kids share with us what they are Thankful for today...I can't wait to hear what they say, I am so incredibly Thankful for their sweet faces at the dinner table, I love to look around the table at my family and you better believe I count my blessings! Jim and I are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, when we lived in Dallas we either came to Tex. or went to my sis/inlaw in Dallas, well, this being the first in our new home we decided to host and we are so excited, lots of family are coming, I get such warm feeling in my heart when I think about it, I am so Thankful for a great extended family to fill our home with love and laughter this year!