Saturday, October 22, 2011

{Resale Love}

Consignment stores are my new thing here lately, I am finding the best deals on some really good stuff! I started with Goodwill back in the spring, I enjoy finding home decor and redoing it to my liking, I have bought a ton of things and they have all found a place throughout our home.  I moved on to clothes, there is alot of stuff and you really have to spend some time going through the racks, but they color coordinate so that makes it easier, they are not separated my size though.  The good thing is you won't find things with holes or tore up, everything is in good shape,  I got the best straw purse for summer, it looked brand new, you could tell it was never used,  and for around $5 I was set, and quite happy, I may have done a happy dance when I found it!! ha!  There is another store here in town called Graham Cracker and I went for the first time last Friday and it is the BEST, the kids clothing is wonderful, huge selection, I went back yesterday and got her some more things, she had outgrown her jeans so I have gotten her 4 pairs of name brand for $8 & under, church clothes, tshirts, sweater, and I got a Gap T for $5, LOVE!! she is loving her new duds!  Too bad they don't have alot for Cameron, he is so picky anyway I won't take the chance, that's okay, I get his Aeropostale shirts when they go on clearance for $5 and buy him several online, I only buy on sale. I do the same for Jim, he likes to shop at Kohls' for his stuff and mine, I get the best deals there, always have, the sales are awesome.  I also keep up with the 70% rack at Target, most of my stuff for fall this year was bought in May all for under $7, cute cute stuff, I am so glad the weather is cooling off so I can wear them, they have been teasing me all summer, haha!   I love getting a bargain! 

Every year I vow to perfect these but never do, don't they look scrumptious!!!  Happy Fall my friends!


Jenee' Clayton said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Nice to meet ya! ;)