Monday, October 3, 2011

{Monday Stuff}

Who says Mondays are always tough, I have had a good day, very productive, lots of organizing in Hannah's room, that girl cannot keep her room clean, so I gave her a kick start and now she has to keep it that way, (a mom can dream, right) I did lots o' laundry, I checked several things off my weekly to do list, and I love that task, lists rule!! I cannot function without my list!!

I am feeling so fall like, my house is all decorated (pics soon), I just love our home decorated for fall, so cozy, homey, now all I need is to get my Scentsy bars, the flavors I ordered are going to be so yummy, I should get them tomorrow or Wed. then my fall home will be all complete.  The anticipation of the holidays just thrills me this time of year, love the feeling.

I made sweet and sour meatballs in the crockpot for dinner and served them over rice, they were a winner!

I really like this purse, I saw it at Payless last week and it has stuck with me, the color is Raisin, popular for fall, I always get a new fall purse for my birthday and I am considering this one, I have a few others in mind also...