Friday, October 7, 2011

{I Love My Bible Study}

I have been participating in a women's bible study on Wed. nights at church, it's called "The Spirit-Filled Life" a lady in our church wrote this study and IT.IS.PHENOMENAL. I am loving it!  I really enjoy bible studies and have done them for years, this one is so real and easy, relates to life so well, not too deep, just right.   One of the evidences of the SPL is PEACE, God is the source of PEACE, we all have peace within us, we just need to pray for God to show it to us.  FORGIVENESS, the priority of FORGIVENESS, it is a choice, not a feeling. CONFRONTATION.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to "speak truth in love" regarding the offense.  Peace if possible, truth at all cost.  Did you know that you cannot expect Godly behavior from an unbeliever?  it's so true... None of us like confrontation, at least I don't,  if we name the offense to the one who is hurt and ask forgiveness and the other does not forgive, it is not our responsibilty any more, we have a clear conscience, blessed are the pure in heart.  Matthew 5:8 Put off the old, put on the new.

I am lucky to go to a church that I just love so much, at the end of our study we gather with our small group and have discussions about the lesson, and we pray together, we pray for each other, I love that, I had an issue that was bothering me, I shared it with them, we held hands and prayed for me, I was so moved and felt so cared for, those are some special ladies...


Nana's Nuggets said...

HI! Stacy~ love, love, love, bible Studies! They are just that personal down learning that we all need from time to time! I am in one w/Beth Moore on Revalation! wow~ I love this, never have studied Revalation before! Happy:) Saturday! Make it fun:)