Monday, September 12, 2011

{Weekend News}

This was a very productive weekend and we are feeling it today, ha!  We finished moving stuff from our storage room to our house, feels so good to have all our stuff under one roof, and no more monthly payment.  Saturday Hannah had 2 parties back to back, so I spent time running her back and forth, Cameron rode 4 wheelers with friends, that night went to a birthday party for my cousin,  we roasted a chicken for dinner that night and it was soooo good.  Later that night as we were all unwinding from our days Jim called a family time out on our deck, he lit the firepit, and we just talked, watched the dog run around and connected, it was neat, and I know the firepit doesn't sound very smart in this dry weather, but it was very contained. 

Lots of football was watched, I detailed the inside of my car,  gave Kirby a flea/tip dip, he is scratching like crazy, but we're not seeing anything, we are thinking it may be allergies, so he is on Benadryl.  Jim hung my new kitchen window treatment, and I am so pleased with it, thanks Mom!! she is good, let me tell you!!  It felt good to scratch so many things off my to do list, very fulfilling for me, now onto another week, do you like my new look? I just couldn't wait to "fallify" it!!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy, I was going to tell you that your "new look" is so cute! congrats! again on your new home! and yes it will finally get cool!!! when it's football it's supposed to be cool!!LOL! My grandson is playing this year and I will have to go watch him, even tho I don't know a thing about FB!! LOL~again:) Happy:)Tuesday!