Friday, September 2, 2011

{Storage Fun and Cleaning}

We have been moving things from our storage room to our house this week, and what a job it has been, we didn't think we had that much stuff!  Our nice clean garage has become very cluttered, because it actually looks like a real garage, you know what I mean, lawn equip, tool box, all the garage stuff!  We went Monday night and did one load between both vehicles, and then back last night, and we still forsee 2 more trips, geesh, it's hot in there, and the rat droppings are the icing on the cake! haha!  but it is fun to see things we haven't seen in awhile, we had to use it after the flood and when we moved into the apts. and we do go in and out for things but once we really started digging deep it got interesting, the kids were finding old garage toys they have outgrown, in fact they were fighting over who could ride an old bike of Hannah's, yeah Cameron wanted to pop wheelies on it! 

Why I am telling you all about store room stories is that even though we are hot and busy we have fun doing it,  we talk, laugh so hard at old things we find, "remember this" is heard the whole time, the kids were funny trying on old bike helmets!  It's family time at it's best, you never know where your family will connect, I am glad we are simple like that and can enjoy each other during anything, I grew up in a family like that and love that my family is doing the same.

As I said in the last post I am soo ready for fall, I have been going through my crates of fall decor and can hardly wait to get it out,  I also have some fun fall crafts I am going to work on this long weekend,  I am really looking forward to this weekend, we have nothing big planned, I do know that between today and tomorrow I am going to turn this house upside down and shake the crumbs out, it's my fall cleaning time, do some yard work,  and maybe go swimming, and see some family.   I better get off this couch and accomplish and few things before I work, have a great weekend!