Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I love the week ofThanksgiving, there has always been a "feeling" that I just love. I love shopping for my baking and cooking things, gearing up for casseroles & pies, 2 of my favorite things to make at Thanksgiving. I am thinking of making a thankful tree with the kids, I always want them to be sure they recognize this day as being with family and just enjoying each other without the expectations of gifts, I want them to be thankful for everything they have and all those they love. I can't wait for Thurs. morning, I always get up before everyone, while drinking my coffee I start cooking whatever I am taking to lunch, and then turn the parades on, I have never not watched the parades, EVER! then everyone else gets up and we all watch the parades! love it, love it!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Love, Stacy