Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello out there! not a whole lot going on here lately, today Hannah is home with me, stomach bug, it started around 12:30 this morning and she ended up campin out on our floor for the night on her sleeping bag, Jim and I were cleaning up, if you get my drift... she decided to leave a trail from her room to ours and well, I'm just keepin it real! so I have lots of laundry to do!
Saturday Hannah had her fall fest at school, so we did that, and I entered the pie baking contest, but didn't place, but hey it was fun :) Cameron spent Fri. night with a friend and was tired all Sat. because they didn't go to bed until realllly late. Went to church yesterday and then went to Chili's for lunch, hung out the rest of the day, Jim and Cameron straightened up the garage, read the paper and watched some football, yeah Cowboys! you did it! FINALLY!! Well I need to get, the dryer went off and I need to make a switch! Have a good Monday! S