Friday, November 21, 2008


it is cold out this morning, but I like it!!! I am ready for Thanksgiving break, the kids are out of school all next week, yikes, what are we gonna do?? I have my recipes all mapped out and already have some of the ingredients for them, so I feel organized on that. I am contemplating Black Friday shopping, I love it but... if they don't have anything I need on sale, why go?? we'll see. I am cleaning house this morning, doing some of the heavy duty stuff, feels good to get it done though, yesterday I went and had Thanksgiving lunch with Hannah at school and then I read her class a cute little Thanksgiving book, she loves it when I do that, she was sitting right in front of me when I was reading and every now and then she would hold on to my leg and smile at me, oh, make a mamas heart sing!!! I have a recipe for you today, it's especially good for the cool weather and for the holidays with everyone being so busy but still needing something good and hearty to eat...

Texas Baked Potato

bake large potatoes
top with chopped beef, baked beans,
sauted onions
grated cheese
and a dollop of sour cream
sprinkle with pepper
Soooo easy!!! and yummy