Thursday, March 27, 2008

This n that

Good morning! I have been a bad blogger the past few days, been busy with my daycare kids and then with mine once they get home from school. It's warm this a.m. already 70 with a high of 84, my son was excited to wear shorts, sister didn't want to though. My mother is coming in town tomorrow because we have the MS race on Saturday, so we are looking forward to mimi and papa Wayne coming to our house!! My husband has been out of town on business this week so we are ready for him to come home tomorrow, we miss our daddy when he's gone!!

I am going to do a little "movie critiquing" for ya! We have Blockbuster online such a handy thing, anyway, last week we watched Snow Buddies, loved it, precious, kids loved it, I could watch it again, last night we watched Underdog, first of all we have a beagle so we're predjudice, anyway, I thought is was "okay" there were some funny parts, but the most important thing, the kids loved it, they laughed out loud the whole movie, and really that's all that matters is that they like it, I just don't want to sit through it again!! hehe!!

I have to go grocery shopping today, one of those buy the whole store trips, load the SUV down! and get the house in shape for company, anyway, have a good day!