Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am really trying

to run away from housecleaning but it won't stop chasing me, help help!!! all I do is clean, do laundry... you ladies know what I mean, someone make it stop for goodness sakes! when I think I have made great strides in my chores, I look around and there is something else, my son is super messy and he cleaned or should I say "gutted" his room last night and brought me a bunch of glasses and plates from his room, oh, okay, that's scary how long have they been there??? and he gives me his laundry basket, oh good, he seems to have found some missing clothes in that little pit of his, I was wondering where those items were, as my dad used to tell my messy sister growing up "I think I saw a little pig run out of your room with some undies on his head", haha!! When my son was in K they were doing a mother's day project and it was one of those where they ask the kids questions about mom and they write exactly what the child tells them and one of the questions was "what does your mom really like to do"? and the little guy said "clean the house", at first I'm thinking I don't enjoy it but if he thinks I do then that's okay, after all doing these things is a way of letting my family know how much I love them and want them to have a nice home. Don't get me wrong, with all the "cleaning" talk, just because I feel I am always doing it does not mean it always looks that way!!

Well, I better get, I need to clean a bathroom and take some laundry out of the dryer, see I told you I can't get away from it!!! hehe!!