Thursday, July 15, 2010


I don't have any pictures for this post, just jabbering!!! I know I have expressed my feelings of not liking summer so much, it's not actually "summer" it's the hot hot temperatures we have here in East Texas, I am not a fan, but I like what summer involves and here is my list:

On the swimming, we live in an apt. right now and love having access to such a nice pool, living in an apt. is so different than a house, the good part is we live in the courtyard area and all the kids play out there on the playground, there are picnic tables, they play sports, they ride their bikes, scooters, etc... all around the courtyard on the sidewalk and it is really nice, we can look out our window and the kids are all within vision and it's really nice. Last night I took Hannah for a "moonlight swim" Cameron went with a friend the other night and she was hacked about it, so I promised her we would do it too, so last night we did and she had so much fun and it was really pretty with the pool lights on, and then a friend and her family came and made it all the better for her, those are the other good things about living in an apt. complex there is always someone for the kids to hang with, our old neighborhood had plenty of kids but it's different in an apt. everyone is all right here, all the time! and our dog Kirby has plenty of doggie friends too!
We also have a nice little workout room that I need to visit again real soon, when I am feeling my MS acting up I don't workout much, but I really like it in there, tv's and all the good equipment, our apts. are 3 years old and we are blessed to have found this after our rental house flood, I used to feel that we weren't really "home" when we moved here because it was so different, but I quickly realized your "home" is where your things and your family are. Anywho, that's about it for now, the day is starting up and I need to refill my coffee cup! Happy Summer Day!!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy, all the things about summer you listed is my kinda thinking too! It sounds like you have a nice and secure place for your family to create fun and happiness! I love the idea of kids playing all around, kids just seem that they don't get to play outside anymore! My granddaughter loves the dirt!or sugarsand as my daughter calls it! Have a great wk-end! It sounds like you're going to need that pool again!:)