Thursday, June 4, 2009

Feeling mighty chipper...

today, yes I am, we're leaving on Sat. morning for Tex. I was able to get Cameron out of school a couple of days early(he has been in Tier II which ends Tues. ) I am so over the driving back and forth, I drive a 100 miles a day folks, yeah that's alot!!! I am so happy! we are getting excited about starting our summer!!! we plan on doing alot of fun stuff, okay here goes: swimming, going to the park, eating popsickles & snowcones (courtesy of our awesome snow cone maker) going to the $1 summer movies (you know how I loooove going to the movies with my kiddos) barbques with our family, playing with our cousins, and whatever else comes our way!!!!

Let's hear it for SUMMER!!!!!!!