Monday, March 25, 2013

{Getting Back, Kids & Weather}

Just jump in, that's what I decided to do with my blogging, just start typing and see where it leads.  I like to think I have had writer's block, this must be what  Danielle Steel does when she has nothing to say, no stories to tell! not quite a great comparison huh!  Last time I was here we talked about Christmas and the new year, now it's almost Easter, how does that happen, someone please tell me?? The school year is almost over, and that is what I hate, not because I don't want my kids home, it's that my baby girl will start jr. high and my son will be a sophmore in high school and I honestly can bearly grasp that in my momma mind.  Yall, I am not kidding, I seriously have a hard time with them growing up on me, I don't mean I lose sleep and worry sick, but I am oh so aware of it alot lately and I just cannot believe where we are at in our lives as far as the kids are concerned. 
 But, I will say that there is nothing, nada, that I can do about it and I am so glad they are the people they are turning out to be.  They are my babies, and yes I do baby them, I baby talk them much to their dismay, ha! but I also know that giving them their wings in life is important and I do.  I do have some great kiddos and they bring more joy to our lives than we could ever explain.  In fact, at their ages, 11&15, they are so funny and I love to hear what they have to say, we have so much fun with them.  Jim and I love to have them with us, going out to eat, watching movies, doing anything, we love to be as a family unit!
 We are planning our summer vacation now, we are going to Orange Beach, AL.  Cannot wait!! Part of the fun is the planning and you know I love to plan and map it all out, such satifaction to me!  We have some other fun summer things we are going to do also, we bought a "fixer up boat" awhile ago and my husband is going to bring it alive again and we hope to have some great lake time, it's all about making memories.
We had some good spring weather for awhile and have been really cold again, we are kinda thankful for the cool weather though, summers heavy heat will be here shortly and in Texas we burn up all summer!! I feel we are always griping about the weather, need to quit that, everything in it's own time.  Have a good Monday friends!