Friday, November 9, 2012

{November & Thankfulness}

This time of year is all about being thankful.  I know we should be thankful everyday, but November brings to light that we need to count our blessings.   I know I have to really slow down and just be thankful for what I have in my life, and stop wanting more.  I always say that November is a peaceful month,  Thanksgiving is a more relaxed holiday, I love it, I love the feeling it brings, the anticipation is so great to me.  It may sound weird but I love the way I have been feeling, my heart is so full. 

Now you all know October is my favorite month ever!!! it is and always will be.  It brings cooler weather, changing of the leaves, cozy smells, blankets, socks and the desserts always seem better in the fall.  October to me is the start of a season of renewal to my spirit.  I love the aniticipation of the holidays, makes me feel soo giddy inside.  I love Halloween, I think it is so fun, but when it's over I am done with it.  With that being said I took my Halloween stuff down November 1 and replaced the Halloween specific stuff with some turkeys, cornucopias and of course I have tons of pumpkins and fall foliage all around the house.  I have some great Scentsy smells through our house, I have a warmer in our room, the living room, a plug-in one in the dining room and Miss Hannah has one in her room, we love our good smells!!  and it makes me feel happy!

My son Cameron ended his freshman football year last night and they had a great win, it was such a great game and he had some pretty impressive tackles, my boy!  Tonight my niece Madeline is spending the night with Hannah, they have some cousin catching up to do, they truly love and enjoy each other, they already planned their evening out and it includes hanging out on the trampoline, watching a movie, eating popcorn, and Jim is going to fire up the bbq pit for roasting marshmellows, yum! Tomorrow afternoon we are going to a 1st Birthday for my cousins little girl Ainsley, we are so excited to celebrate this sweet girls special day, have a great weekend, be thankful,  do something "fallish" and eat something yummi!!



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