Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have been so into Pinterest lately, I am having so much fun with it, in fact I am getting my boards looking really good!! ha!  if you wanna follow me click on the "P" and there I am! So, how is summer going for you all? ours is good, we haven't been on a vacation or anything exciting, we just have little things we will be doing.  Hannah is going to church camp mid July, we are going to Austin to visit my brother and is family late July, bible school starts to tomorrow night, right now Cameron is at his friends for a few days riding 4 wheelers, I started this post last week,  and bible school is over and C is back! ha, how sad I have not been blogging, been too busy I guess! I am going to the movies tonight with a friend to see Magic Mike, I know, I am a bad girl, I think it will be a fun time though, happy Saturday!!


CAStone said...

I had a visitor from your blog, and stopped on by to see what had brought them to me, and have been enjoying your blog! Just wanted to say hello!