Thursday, December 4, 2008

{oh, the weather outside is frightful...}

well... not really... kinda... it's really cold today, for Texas that is, kinda Christmasy weather. I know that people up north and all my friends here that are "northerners" say this is nothing you sissies! I'll take it... well I finally got my Christmas cards ordered, so that's out of the way, and let me tell ya, no matter how old your kids get they still act weird, naughty, bratty, difficult... well, you get the point, when you announce your taking their picture for a special occasion they truly go off the deep end, in one of the pictures Cameron who is 10 mind you had an expression like he was truly in misery and wanted to cry, and Hannah 6 whined before, threatned me that she wasn't going to tuck her hair behind her ear, wasn't going to say "cheese or money" and then proceeded to get on the trampoline and have me take her picture there, I truly felt like doing some heavy drinking at that point, but, I did get some good ones finally!!!! and I was DONE!! I have done some shopping, I am pleased with my progress, I have all the wrapping goods, I love buying those!! My sister is really on the ball this year, got some great deals on Black Friday, she is waay ahead of me!! I am reading "The Christmas Train" for my book club next week and it's a really good book, I will lead the disscussion on this one. Well, I better run, I need to do some stuff around here, there's always stuff!!