Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy February!

I can't believe it's already February, we just celebrated New Years! As I write this my heater is out, it went out overnight and the repairman won't be here until between 1-5, so I'll just keep an extra layer on, it should warm up to 50 today so we should be okay! It's a good thing I don't live in a high "snow" area or I would be in a heap of trouble! speaking of snow, it's all over all my house!! you see, my daughter has learned to make paper snowflakes and she can't get enough of it, seriously she gets home from school, finds the scissors and ask for scrap paper and goes to work! it sounds cute and all and it is, but she's not real hip on cleaning up her messes! so yesterday she decided to make them in our room and there was paper all over floor, I stood there looking at the mess and instead of blowing up at her I said to her in a very calm voice "you know Hannah, mommy really likes your snowflakes and I am so glad you make them so beautiful but you can't keep doing this and not cleaning up so the next time you want to do this we'll put some newspaper on the table and you can cut away". That seemed to satisfy her, and then she cleaned up her mess, everyone was happy.

As I think back on yesterdays events besides the snowflakes, my son who will be 10 next month is not as affectionate with me as he used to be, (wawa) I know this is normal, but it's kinda sad. Anywho, I like to talk babytalk to him just kidding of course and he gets irritated and tells me to "stop mama", so last night he came to show me what he had made with legos and I said "that's so good my precious" and he told me stop, I apologized and said I wouldn't talk like that anymore, and then he backed up and plopped down in my lap and just sat there a minute, I scratched his back and listened to him describe what he had made, I was happy.